So hi. I’m Martin. I’m a self taught programmer. I’m a first time blogger. I’m not much more complicated than that, but this blog isn’t really about me! It’s about the coding i’ve done and the coding i’m doing, be it the good the bad or the ugly (though preferably the former).

I’m most proficient using C/C++ and C# but i’ve dabbled in a variety of other langauges whenever i’ve needed to to tackle the task at hand. Such as:

  • Web development with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and SQL,
  • Installer work with WiX,
  • Scripting in 3ds MAX with MAXScript, and
  • Some general windows stuff with PowerShell

Work wise i’ve been a video game tester at Microsoft for 6 years, with the latter half being embedded on development teams, providing manual and automated test planning and support.

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